A Green Smoothie to Get Your Day Poppin’


Seriously, this is a great green smoothie to start your day! It’s jam packed with major nutrients, enzymes and alkalizing minerals to make you look and feel like a Vibrant Thang’! This smoothie recipe will boost your energy, immunity, and digestion for the day. We’ve got a bit of spinach, which is a great plant-based source of calcium, fiber and omega-3. Kale is fortified with iron, antioxidants, vitamins A, K, C and potassium. Even romaine lettuce, that’s also rich in Vitamin A, folate and magnesium. Two medium sized apples to give us a bit of sweetness to mask the bitterness of the green veggies. Now, if you’re just starting to step into the green smoothie game, add agave or a couple of Medjool dates to sweeten this recipe.



Add ice, if you like nice cold smoothies! I threw in a couple tablespoons of chia seeds to get in even more omega 3.

Load up your blender and blend baby, blend! Having a smoothie at the start of our day, sets the tone for your metabolism throughout the whole day. Blending your favorite dark leafy greens and fruits together allows you to maximum your nutrient intake. Because the food, is raw, blended and not chewed it gives our bodies a chance to really get all the amazing benefits. The vitamins of the fruits and veggies are quickly and easily absorbed by the body then they shoot through our bloodstream. The results are, instant! Over time, committing to this daily life hack will be major. Eating right is great, and even better when we can pull all the nutrients out of the foods we consume. #reallywinning 

Find out more about the super science behind what green smoothies can do for you at NutritionFacts.org.

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