Finding the Balance: Self-love, Relationships, & Responsibility


Everyday we all juggle all the to-dos along with our want to-dos, and sometimes it can be a real struggle finding the right balance. I’ve found that self-love and self-care rituals have to be moved to the to-do column. In order, to cultivate peace and balance within ourselves and our relationships we have to make ourselves a priority. Always putting others needs before our own can breed resentment. Especially, when we perceive that they aren’t reciprocating the same self-sacrificing dedication. We are our own obligation. We must put ourselves first. Not in some narcissist, I’m the only person that matters selfish kinda way, but in a I’m going to fill up my own glass so I have something to give to you, healthy kinda way.

It can be difficult initially, to say no or put family members, significant others, and friends on the back burner while you take sometime to love on you. It is a necessary element to having a balanced life. I find that when I take time to honor myself, with something as simple as 10 minutes of calm, meditation, quietness all the way to something more elaborate like a day at the spa. I’m ready to give love, advice, support to my loved ones without feeling drained. I’m renewed it’s like I just had a red bull for the soul I’ve got wings to be an angel to everybody! Like an Oprah angel, fluttering over my friends & family dishing out nuggets of wisdom, support and laughs.


It’s our job to stay in touch with ourselves as we evolve. To constantly, be in touch with who we are now, what we need now, and what makes us happy now. No one can do that for us.


So honor yourself, find out what gives you solace. What gives you peace? Is it reading a good book, doing yoga, sitting under the stars, going for a walk, watching a good film, sitting by the pool, sketching, knitting, writing, planning your week, or a nice bubble bath? We’ve all got our thing. Sometimes, we have different self-care practices and different moments in our lives. Dr. Debra Campbell from encourages us to, “Be patient with yourself if some of your self-care activities take some time to flower—yoga, meditation, piano lessons—these don’t always give joyful returns overnight.” We are always evolving. It’s our job to stay in touch with ourselves as we evolve. To constantly, be in touch with who we are now, what we need now, and what makes us happy now. No one can do that for us. Self-care is our responsibility. To ourselves and those closest to us. We are better parents, friends, lovers, son & daughters, when we are better to ourselves.

What are your self-love practices? Has anything changed for you recently? Comment below and let me know.


Know Your Self Worth

Pretty Motivated Know Your Worth
I used to look for my worth in relationships with men, in accomplishments, in clothes, shoes, and handbags. I would go to the mall swiping my card as if I could buy my worth. It all worked for a while. Then, something would happen and I’d find myself maxed out and emotionally bankrupt.
They say no pain, no gain. Well, all that pain. All those disappointments pushed me. The pain from feeling like I wasn’t enough pushed me to want a breakthrough. To fight for freedom from my emotional struggles. To move above and beyond my emotional limitations. I wasn’t just disappointed in other people that I’d felt let me down. Mostly, I was disappointed in myself.
Deep down I knew I was worth more than I was giving myself credit for. And I knew that I had some serious healing work to go through. I had to get over hurts from my past. I have to forgive myself for the mistakes that I’ve made in my search for self worth.
Self worth comes from self. Duh?! I know, this seems like common sense. Unfortunately, so many of us walk around waiting for people and conditions to validate our worth. You may be waiting for that stamp of approval to say “I’m worth it!”. Significant others, jobs, titles, social media likes, and money don’t make you worthy.
You are already worth it! The simple idea that you’re breathing says that some force that is larger, stronger, bigger and more powerful than any human believes you are worth life. No matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you. You are always worthy. It’s not something you earn. You’re born this way!
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Find Your Inner-spiration: Create Your Own Life Path

Create PATH


Life is a feeling process. So we have to feel our way to our path to progress. In today’s world of hyper-communication, with social media dominating our lives it is so easy to get lose our sense of self. Our internal GPS system is constantly rerouting us to follow our new favorite celeb crush, reality star, or virtual mentor. It can be so easy to mimic someone else and so hard to be ourselves in a world of conformity and trends. Self-doubt and worrying about what everyone else thinks about our choices. We are all so very unique and our gifts and talents are just as beautiful as the next person, but creating our own path to the next level can be a lil’ scary.

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When you feel afraid learn to dance with your fears. If you’re “scurred” to take a leap of faith, take it. If you have to take some precautions or do little prep if it makes you feel better. Then, do it! Jump in with a confidence in your abilities. I had the idea to launch PM about two years before I did anything with it. I told myself, “Trina, you don’t need to start another project.” I asked myself, “Is there really a need for another life coach or self-help guru?” “Will anybody want to hear what I have to say?” There were tons of other questions that were drenched in self-doubt and excuses too. The day the site went live I felt as sense of joy I cannot explain.

Have you ever almost missed a flight? Maybe traffic was bad or you over slept, but it’s that feeling of making it to the gate just in nick of time to board. It’s kinda like that feeling when you finally sit down on the plane and it’s like I made it! That’s basically how I felt. I’d made it to the place, to the space where I belong. While I do have remodels in this industry that I follow and there are methods that I practice my path is my own. I’m discussing the same thing as other gurus and coaches,  but I’m doing it Trina’s way. I’m creating my own path down the yellow brick road and you can too!

Tips & Tricks to help you CYOP:

Learn yourself

About a year ago, my life coach. (Yes, I had a coach. It was so worth the time & money.) She suggested, I send out a question to my closet friends and relatives asking them what they think of when they think of me. I did it. The responses were so spot of with what I’m doing. They affirmed my purpose. Sometimes, others can give us more insight into ourselves than we can because we can be blinded by who we “think” we are and miss out on who we really are to those who know us best.

Love yourself

Once you know yourself. Then, embrace and own it! Own who are. If you’re goofy own it, if you’re a fashionista own it, if you are the amazing idea girl own it, if you’re good with numbers own it, if you’re a caregiver own it. You get the idea, right? It’s important to embrace what makes you special because it is so much a part of creating your own path.

Do you

Find a way to take what you learn from successful people and make it your own. Tweak things to fit your personality, beliefs, values and sense of humor. This can be used in your personal life, with your career in the corporate world or if you’re an entrepreneur.

Just live in your light!

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