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I love Sade and I’m not sure if you guys know her but if you listen to her or anything like that but I’m saying just Google Smooth Operator and in a little bit you’ll know what I mean.

Let’s figure out being a Smooth Operator in your life, in your work, in all of your motivated pursuits, right? Because we’re motivated pearls and we are people that are changing our lives and we’re changing the lives of people around us. So pretty much here’s what I want to say about having a motivated goal. You want it look and feel effortless. Well, how do we do that? We need to become a Smooth Operator. We need to kind of work this into the daily grind.

What we’re going to do is take the grind out of our motivation and we’re going to smooth it out all the way. The way that we do that is to have a meaningful goal. So whatever you’re doing or trying to pursue, it has to come from a very heart-centered and authentic place. When we talk about passion, make sure that your ego is not involved. Just look around and make sure that it’s not about just looking good, or keeping up with the Jones’s, or trying to look like your favorite reality TV star.

This needs to be the real YOU! That’s the first thing and it’s the most important thing, because if it comes from any kind of ego place meaning any place that says it’s all about looks or all about projecting some type of image to yourself or to others, it just needs to be from you.

Reevaluate and reassess because if that’s the issue than that’s a whole other conversation. It’s about being meaningful, having a meaningful goal and having it come from a place of passion at the spirit within. If it’s coming from a place where it’s all about how things look on the outside, money or recognition, or any of that then you’re not going to be a Smooth Operator. It’s just going to be a grind, it’s going to be hard, and you’re going to be tired. You’re going to be at Starbucks, every time they open the door. It’s going to be that kind of thing.”

The way to really make it smooth is when, you know—and you guys know, I talk about this all the time. It comes from meditation. That’s just one way to just suck the ego out like an Oreck vacuum, you know what I mean? Just get rid of that thing and then you can kind of create space and really get clear on what you were really here for. I mean we all have some divine purpose that comes from this God-centered, spirit-centered place.

And that’s what the objective is—is to align with that power.

Once you do that, then you’re going to get really clear. Let me say this. In my own experience, this is stronger than any coffee, ginseng, or smoothie, or juice that I’ve ever had because it really comes from an authentic place and you get so inspired you lose track of time, you lose track of everything else that’s going on in the world. So that’s one way to really become a Smooth Operator. That’s the first thing that you want to do. You want to meditate and work that place out.

And then, if you’re not pro at meditation, right—‘cause it kind of takes some time to get there.

Become one with nature…

  • Take a long walk
  • Go and sit out by a lake
  • Sit out by a pool or by a tree

Do this for at least five to ten minutes. Just chill. Chill. Be easy. You’ll still create that you would with meditation and then you can find that higher place of motivation. And again, it’s better than Starbucks.

Try these two steps out:

Meditate & Become One with nature

This is going to help you become more of a Smooth Operator. I want to know how it goes, try it out, become a part of the movement, Tweet me, Facebook, Instagram. I get tweets from the pearls all the time and I love it! 

Keep that coming in because we want to know how things are going, we want to know how we can better serve you. Let me know how these two tips to become a Smooth Operator work out for you.

Keep on keeping on and stay Pretty Motivated.

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