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My Fitness Journey: From Vanity to Sanity

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Let’s just say, I was never really athletic, being five foot one and always considered a “skinny girl” sports weren’t my thing. I remember being a high school freshman in gym class and my coach giving me a “Most Improved” student award. His words were something like this, “Jones-y when you came to my class you couldn’t do nothing. Now, you can do a little bit.”

In college, I started to get a little bit more serious about fitness. Remember, in undergrad when we had to take a certain amount of gym credit hours? I ended up taking a course where we were required to do an hour workout that included both cardio and a strength training. I’d go to the gym wipe my student ID and get to it. About, 20 minutes on an elliptical and the rest of the hour spent during a strength training circuit.

After a few weeks, I definitely liked the way I felt after a good workout. That’s not what got me though. What hooked me to the whole working out thing was the way my body was toning up and sculpting. I’d bask in the attention I’d get when I would walk past guys on campus, at parties, or the mall. You know when you hear them say, “Ooooh, who is that?!”. I’d keep walking like I didn’t hear it, like I didn’t want to hear it. Truth was I needed to hear it. That male stamp of approval was the main reason I showed up to the gym. I wanted to be cute, to be seen, to be desirable.

My fitness goals were all about gaining male attention and adoration. It wasn’t about my health, connecting with my body, having more energy, or anything intrinsic. It was all superficial. Just vanity.

Even in the midst of my challenges, I’ve always maintained a fairly consistent workout routine. Really, it wasn’t until a few years ago, after doing a lot of the inner work that my workouts shifted from being all about sculpted legs and a nice booty to having more energy, a good mood, healthy heart, mental fortitude, and confidence. After I started reading magazine articles, about how working out helped to lower your risk of heart disease, depression, boosted your mood, and improved your self-image that was the tipping point. Slowly, my fitness life became more about being the best version of myself and pushing my limits both mentality and physically.

Whether I’m in a yoga class, boot camp, or working out by myself at a gym I enjoy it because it’s a lifestyle choice. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it hurts so bad, that last lap, one more push up, another burpee! I keep going because I know that I grow each time my feet touch the mat, my arms push my body up off the pavement, my feet run a little further and faster than the day before. There are some nights, I stay up til 1:00 am and still rise up for boot camp at 4:50 am. If it were all about being cute, I would just hit the snooze and rollover. Just being cute is not enough. Being strong, clear minded, having the energy to accomplish my goals, and great health are worth passing up on the extra snooze.

Don’t get it twisted, I still appreciate a nice booty and sculpted legs, but looking good is just the cherry on top.  Reflecting over my fitness journey, has made it quite clear to me that when we allow ourselves to make that shift from doing things solely for vanity to creating a deeper, sacred, and sanity driven purpose we become more powerful, consistent and committed. Our depth of commitment to not just our fitness, but our businesses, families and dreams expands. We become like the balloon slowly expanding as the helium fills it up. Just like that balloon, we too are filled up with the kind of enthusiasm that carries us all the way up!

Is there a fitness routine you want to finally commit to? If so, let me know in the comments below. Comments aren’t your thing…that’s ok. Tweet me @pretymotivated. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Breaking down the HYPE around alkaline water

Alkaline Water Pretty Motivated


Remember when we were in school, and we learned about protons, neutrons and electrons, right? Okay, well alkalinity is about the number electrons into the body. When wellness peeps are talking about having more alkalinity in our diets it’s all about increasing the the number of electrons in our bodies. This is critical to all parts of our health. Now, how does this relate to the whole alkaline water hype? Drinking alkaline water has a higher pH level than other waters. We hear about pH in shampoo and some feminine wash commercials too. Truth is, a healthy pH is not just about bouncy curls and a fresh yoni. We need to have a balanced pH throughout our bodies.

Back to those pricey water bottles, basically the higher the pH of water, the more alkaline it is, meaning it has more electrons. So if a water claims to have a high pH (the highest I’ve seen is a pH of 10) that means it contain more of those critical electrons that we need to function at the most fabulous level possible!

Basically, it’s all about an acid and alkaline balance inside your body. Here I’ve broken down all the reasons you may want to drop a few extra coins the next time you buy a bottle of water.


The high electron content of alkaline water allows our cells to easily absorb these water molecules. Instead of water just coming in one end and flushing out the other we actually hold onto it for critical bodily functions.


The ions in a high pH water promote the release of acidic toxins in our bodies. Plus, it triples the antioxidant power of vitamin C.

pH Balance

Consuming alkaline water regularly, helps maintain a healthy pH balance. Your body will be less acidic which reduces your risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and kidney stones.

Weight Loss

Since alkaline water is so hydrating it allows the body to burn more calories during a workout session. Another bonus, your appetite will drop because you’re able to absorb more nutrients during meals or snacks.


Waters with high pH levels, boost the power of the vitamin C in your daily diet. This helps you kick those age inducing free radicals to the curb.

Liver Health

Alkaline water, aids in cleansing of our livers. In addition to helping cleanse the liver, it also lowers oxidated stress in the body which affects the liver.

Digestive Health

Say bye Felecia to colitis, loose bowels and constipation. H2O with higher pH levels helps boost the efficiency of our digestive tract.

Sports Performance

We started with discussing how hydrating alkaline waters are for the body. That super hydration allows you really go hard in the gym! You’ll be able to workout longer, run faster, and do more reps.

So you’re sold on this hold alkaline water thing, but not sure which water to buy? Check out this little breakdown I found on the Alkalife site.


pH level water comparison


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7 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Lemon Water for Your Vanity and Sanity



Want to breakdown the hype on hot lemon water?! Listen, I get it! So I’ve broken down 7 reasons why the hype is completely justified. I’ve totally replaced my need for coffee, increased my energy, and my overall health because I’ve become obsessed with hot lemon water. I drink in the mornings, ask for it at restaurants, and carry my canister just in case I want to randomly re-up.

Lemon water has to be one of the cheapest ways to keep your body healthy. Truth be told. There are way more than 7 things, but these are the BIG benefits that I know will be game changers for you on a daily basis. So check em’ out!

Say Goodbye to Coffee and Cravings

Starting your day a with a cup of hot lemon will curb the need for coffee. You’ll get the energy you need with that afternoon crash. And if you’re watching your weight. Note that, lemons help to keep your appetite at bay too.

Fight Fatigue

Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the AM will hydrate your lymph system which supports adrenal function. The better your adrenals function the less you’ll have to feel like you’re dragging through the day.

Get Smart 

Lemons have a high amount of potassium which helps to boost brain function. They also contain, “negative ions”, but there’s nothing negative about what these ions can do for us. They increase the flow of oxygen. And, more oxygen equals more mental clarity.



Keep Your Train Moving

Choo! Choo! Accelerate that waste release before strutting out the door. Hot lemon water stimulates the muscles in your intestinal tract to keep things moving at an optimal pace. Constipation?! Ain’t nobody got time for that honey.

Defend Yourself

Warm lemon water pumps up our immune system. Lemons are chock full of vitamin C and potassium. Your body will be able to produce more white blood cells to fight off infections, colds, and all kinds of other little funky sicknesses.

Gotta Go

Drinking hot lemon water will send you tinkling pretty often, but don’t worry. It’s a good thing. Frequent flushing means you’re getting out more toxins through the urinary tract leads to better overall health and energy.

Clear it up! Clear it up!

Maybe she’s born with it, or maybe she just drinks lemon water er’ day! As previously, noted lemons help our bodies to eliminate all the funky stuff; toxins and waste. Our skin can’t help but to clear up. Bye, bye blackheads, acne, and blemishes.

Starting a new daily habit can be a challenge, but somethings are worth the added effort. I’d say your health and wellbeing is def’ one of them, right? Commit to finding a way to add this to your morning routine. You’ll notice a difference in no time.


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Eat Your Way to Happiness

PM Eat Your Way to Happiness

Food and nutrition play a big part in how we find our happiness. You can easily enhance your mood by eating foods that are rich in Tryptophan.  Tryptophan is an all-natural substance that is found in many foods that can help to stimulate the release of serotonin (that feel good hormone) in the brain. A feeling of wellness does not have to come out of a prescription bottle it can come from the foods that you eat.

Eating for happiness and health is a great way to utilize food the way it is meant to be utilized. Fitness is not just exercise and watching what you eat. Fitness is about having a sense of overall physical and emotional health.  Foods that are rich in tryptophan can help to give you a sense of happiness and calmness. The bonus is most of them are also good for your health. It is a win win!

The Foods

There is a reason why we can be addicted to chocolate. It contains a lot tryptophan. So it really does make you feel better about life. Who would’ve thought that all those “feed me chocolate if I am grumpy” posters were really on to something!  But wait, don’t just start grabbing chocolate candy bars. Try Dark Chocolate or Cacao bars to get all the healthy parts of the chocolate without getting the extra sugars and empty calories. Here is a list of foods you can eat if you’re feeling nervous, anxious or blue that will help you feel better:

  • Spinach
  • Bananas
  • Hummus
  • Pineapple
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Mangoes
  • Chocolate

You can create a great mood boosting smoothie by combining a whole banana, some pineapple chunks, and some mangoes chunks and throw it all in the blender. Chewing on some sunflower seeds is also a great way to reduce stress and get some tryptophan.

Adding these foods to your diet will help you to stay even keeled, feel great and achieve all around wellness. Of course these foods also have other added benefits like being rich in iron (spinach) high in potassium (bananas) and rich in protein (hummus). You can achieve good health, happiness and your fitness goals by eating the right foods.

Check Your Diet

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or not up to par check your diet. It can be contributing to your feeling down. Adding the right foods that are rich in the natural chemicals can help you to feel well.

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