Heartbreak & Learning to Love Again


Relationships are such a robust part of our lives. Our ability to bounce back from break-ups is such a crucial part of life. It can shape us or break us. How we handle these moments can define how we experience love forever. I’ve learned how to survive heartbreak and open my heart to let love in again in the most profound way, beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I want this for you. To heal quickly, learn the lessons and let love in again. You and I deserve to have all the love we’ve ever wanted!

If you’re curious, click here to hear the full podcast …total time 25 minutes.


You may also want to learn to create empowering self-love rituals while you wait for love to show up again.


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Wooohooo!! We did it! Ready to get your triple M’s (mindful. meaningful. motivated) on the go? Well here you go, Pearls! As I mentioned, in one of the Mindful Monday videos. We want to touch you in every way we can (not like that, 😉 but seriously. The whole goal of PM is to be there for you whenever you need to come back to center or just get that extra boost to push past any challenge.

Why podcasts? I tweeted and posted on FB, “Which do you prefer, videos or podcasts?”. The results were across the broad so I said let’s just do both! #whynot

As we build the community, we want to hear from you? PM is here to build a bridge between the external world of all things pretty and fabulous and the beauty of your inner spirit. It’s about supporting both sides of you. So to make sure we are supporting you in the ways that really speak to your life, heart, and where you’re going. We need to hear and connect with you, please check out the podcasts and comment below to give us feedback.

Let’s build this together…xoxo

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