Clarity, Love, and Connecting the Dots to Authentic Self Love


“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs


This is only one of the deep takeaways, from Steve Jobs’ Stanford graduation speech. If you asked me who I wanted to be when I was younger, it was Oprah! I’ve always wanted to invoke people with positive emotions. It could be making you, laugh, feel empowered, spark a moment of clarity (#AHAmoment). Only, I never felt worthy of Oprah-DOM!

Keeping it real, there will not be another Oprah, but there won’t be another ME or YOU either. Have you ever felt like you weren’t worthy of your dreams? I’m no stranger to that feeling. For the longest, I didn’t think I was deserving of an empowerment platform or message because of where I’m from, things I’ve done and past failures. A couple years ago, I had a chance to attend one of Lisa Nichols speaking workshops. Have you ever been somewhere and really wanted to be called on, but then once you do, you’re like…no wait, I’m not ready for this! Ok, well when I got called on stage to do a quick speech exercise on stage, in room full of 20 or so people I’d only met the day before. This was that moment for me. My heart is racing, I was hoping no one would see me sweat, literally because I had a royal blue sheer polyester shirt on. I get to the stage. The lights are bright. Somehow my mouth opens and I flow. It’s an effortless flow. Straight from the universe through me. It was powerful, people stood up and clapped. Epic moment, not because of the clapping. That was nice, but it was about a feeling, a sense of knowing that I was doing exactly what I was send here to do.

After my brief, Tony Robbins-esque speech. Lisa coached, me she told me that I played small. In my mind, I’m like okay, but I’m 5’1…soooo. She meant I hid my power, my authentic voice, my larger than life personality, that LEO fire. Pretty early in life, I learned that standing out seemed to draw out negativity from others. Shining bright like a diamond, just didn’t feel right. So I turned down, raised my hand less in class, asked for opportunities less, and turned that LEO flame into a small occasionally lit flicker.  She made me promised that I would walk off that stage and never shrink down again.

I would like to say that the game-changed right then, but it took a minute for me to really embrace the idea. Over the past, year or maybe two there’s been a major shift. If you’ve been following me, maybe you’ve noticed it. I just started asking myself, “Who am I not to live in the fullest version of me, to not do GOD’s work, to not align with the universal flow? YOU and I have a divine freaking right to live and be a light to the world.

I’m a born nurture, a healer, that’s my purpose! It’s why I’m here…do I take selfies? Yep, sometimes! Do I love hip-hop, for better or worse? Absolutely. Am I also an advocate for mindfulness and healthy living? No, question. Like, corny jokes? Bring, em’ on! Do I have an absurd affection for Beyonce? Maybe. Do I love with all my heart? Always. Have I decided to live unapologetically me? YAAASSS!!!! And so, should YOU!!

V-day is on the way, and I had love on the brain. I want to send loving vibes to my tribe, you’re my family. Just the idea that by honoring my purpose, I’m somehow serving you is the fuel that keeps me lit. Be encouraged, stay in alignment with your highest self even when the road gets bumpy, the air is foggy and the world seems so cold continue to love yourself to your fullest potential.

The best gift we can give the world is to be true to ourselves, our calling, and our unique gifts. To paraphrase, my girl Marie Forleo, DO YOU because ALL of US need the gifts ONLY YOU CAN GIVE!!

Got a minute? If so, check out this video. There are some game-changing truth bombs and inspirational sound bites from my interview with Chris Howell.


Live. Love. and Laugh your A%$ OFF



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One thought on “Clarity, Love, and Connecting the Dots to Authentic Self Love

  • 04/07/2017 at 2:40 AM

    “Who am I not to live in the fullest version of me?” BOOM!….Hard truth right there….noted!!


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