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Tis’ the season of jam packed social calendars, sniffles, and snoozing a little longer under our comfy covers.   With the year end coming, and working on an online video course that will be launching on December 6th (lo key, I’ve been working on it for you for the past few months!) If you’re like me, you no matter what is going on in your life you’re always looking for ways to maintain and increase my energy level. Getting sick, well we just don’t have time for that!


Turmeric, turmeric, turmeric…love this root! I’m always dashing on my food and different smoothie recipes. It helps in a major way with inflammation in the body. “The golden root is a powerful anti-inflammatory that stops the growth of pre-cancerous cells(1), helps Alzheimer’s, lowers bad cholesterol, and treats skin cancer.” – Daily Health Post


Brings the heat! The fiery spice actually aids digestive in a major way which is perfect for pushing those toxins right out. This was one of the key ingredients in the infamous Beyonce Master Cleanse. It can definitely help boost metabolism which aids weight loss, but cayenne has many medicinal benefits, it has antibacterial properties, increases circulation, relieves pain, and prevents blood clots too!


Ginger is most powerful when you use the root. Ginger root promotes absorption of nutrients so the body can really benefit from the good healthy food we are chowing down on everyday.

Orange Juice

The high percentage of vitamin C in orange juice helps to clean up the free radicals in the immune system. Try to find the most pure orange juice possible, with the least amount of sugars listed on the back label. I will often use Simply Orange Juice, which has around 23 grams of sugar per 8 oz.




Lightly blend these ingredients together in a high speed blender. Blend until it smooth. Drink as is or strain it before.

You’ll feel good knowing that it this all natural drink is so good for you! Sipping on this elixir gives you a chance to address and improve your energy, immunity, and helps you with detoxification! I like to take it when I feel a little funky, or if I think I’m getting sick I will add a garlic clove to this mixture. I’ll even take it when I’ve been pushing myself really hard by working long hours. Besides, Kombucha this really is one of my favorite liquid elixirs. If you like a little sweetness, you can add a little Agave or coconut sugar.

Try it out. If you’re feeling social, let me know how it goes on Instagram. Just comment on the photo in this post to share your thoughts on this one with me.


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