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Nobody really wants to talk about it, but we are all dealing with stress on a daily basis. According the to Huffington Post, “Young people are more stressed — 39 percent of Millennials say their stress has increased in the last year, compared to 36 percent of Gen Xers, 33 percent of Boomers and 29 percent of Matures.” Some of us have more than others, some us have learned how to handle it, but a huge percent of the world is stressed out! I think one of the most empowering things to learn is how to minimize and manage your own stress level. Stress is a little sneaky things, you can be negatively impacted without even realize that stress is the cause. It is linked to skin issues, asthma, depression and a whole number of not so fun stuff!

I’ll be the first to tell you that I used to live in a place of constant stress, but somewhere along my spiritual journey, from books I’ve read or conferences I’ve attended I finally learned how to what I like to call “woosah from within“. I’m so proud of my ability to really manage stress, and not freak out every time things are less than perfect. Sharing is definitely caring. So I’ve put together a list of ten legit ways I’ve learned to keep stress away, because ain’t nobody got time for that!


  1. Meditate – Set a timer for 5 minutes if you’ve never meditated before, but if you feel more advanced try to go for 10 to 20 minutes. Just woosah and breathe until your timer goes off. Want a little more meditation guidance click here.
  2. Breathe Deeply – I use this regularly. Take a second, breathe deeply. Inhale for 4 seconds, push the walls of your abdomen forward. Hold this breath for 7 seconds. Then slowly, exhale from your belly for 8 seconds. Repeat, as needed until you feel the tension fall away.
  3. Reach Out – When you feel a funk coming on, reach out to people that get you. People that really value you! If you’re having a high vibing convo with good people you will start to feel joy takeover.
  4. Exercise – Getting our heart rates up, increasing the flow of endrophins is a great hands on way to turn down the stress in our lives.
  5. Laugh – Ha ha! Next to meditation this is my favorite. Laugh out loud as much as possible, laugh at yourself, laugh at your pain, pull up a video on YouTube, call a funny friend, and just do whatever it takes to get your giggle on.
  6. Sing – Singing actually exercises our heart, lungs, and release the same endorphins as a good workout. Singing makes you feel good even if you don’t sound so good.
  7. Be Grateful – Before you start your day, write down at least 5 to 10 things you are grateful for.
  8. Accept that you can’t control everything – First, accept that you can’t change everything. Now, just focus on what you can control. Make choices that empower yourself.
  9. Stay positive – Talk and think about things that make you happy. Focus on the good. If the road, is rough know that you can make it through anything!
  10. Dance – Shake it! And, break that stress. Go out and go dancing with friends or just pump up the volume at home and get it!

Try these out and connect with me online. Tell me how it goes! Want more anti-stress tips?! No problem, click here to watch my latest video Stress Out for What: 3 Ways to De-stress.




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