Ode of Love to Black Men


Myself and the amazing black man I loved for 9 years

Confession! I stay away from the news because I’ve worked in news enough to know, “If it bleeds, it leads.” That’s the motto of an industry that highlights the bad in people, in our communities, and our world. Nonetheless, you have to be living under a rock, not know what’s happened in the last twenty four hours. Two black men have been killed!

My best friends are black men, the man who raised me is a black man, and the men I love are black men. They listen to me, encourage me, care for me, and protect me. Therefore as a black woman, I’m emotionally compelled to share this.

Black man I love you! I understand the depth of the challenges you endure on a daily basis. The bias you face when walking in a room. How the system is built to keep you down and out. That you have to work three times as hard as your peers at work just to keep your spot. If you have greater ambitions, then you really have to assimilate on a whole other level.

Black man, I love your swag. I love the way you love. I love how you protect your family. I love how you have book and street smarts. I love your hustle. I love your will to move mountains for your children, your mother and your wife. I celebrate your strength. Stay encouraged to push forward to your greatness no matter what obstacles an individual, a corporation, the justice system or the global landscape tries to keep you down. They fear your shine, love your talent and covet your endurance.

What’s happening in our world is not about race anymore. It’s about humanity. Let us find ways to look beyond skin. Embrace our differences and look for our commonalities. No one matter race, culture, socioeconomic background, or sexual orientation NO ONE wants their son, father or lover killed unfairly. Each of us has the ability to push prejudice and stereotypes away. To collectively challenge a system that creates an environment that tolerates this kind of behavior.

Let love and light shine brighter, let’s take the world higher!

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