How to Fake Your Happy Ending?

How to Fake It Til You Make It


I know you’ve heard, “Fake it, til you make it!”.  The media is constantly scrutinizing celebs for using Photoshop, women are taking off their makeup, and reality TV dominates channel surfing and here I am telling you to fake it. What the heck?! There’s too much pressure to keep it real and be authentic to start faking it now, right?

Listen, I get it, but give me a second to breakdown the benefits of faking it. First, it’s not about convincing other people of something. This is about us, shifting our mindset from where we are. Our current situation, job, relationship status, bank account balance, number of followers, or social status. All the self development coaches and gurus, say the same thing…we have to see ourselves already in the dream job, great relationship, with the money in order to bring it to reality.

If you don’t believe it yourself, don’t ask anyone else to do so. – Napoleon Hill

You’ll feel like a poser at first. It’s awkward to call yourself a CEO when your company has even launched yet, but believing you are that is what it takes to shift from hobbyist to have the hottest new business on the block. Whenever, I’ve made any major life change in my life. I’ve had to go through the faking it phase before any real momentum was created. I had to make the mental shift in how I viewed myself. You and I have the power to take seeds of thought and turn them into trees of greatness. The power of our imagination can change our personal lives and the world if we believe in ourselves.

Check out the video below to unlock the 3 keys on How to Fake It Til You Make It.


Have you faked it and made it? Are you caught in a funk trying to fake it? Let me know by commenting below. Comments aren’t your thing…that’s ok! Tweet me @pretymotivated. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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