10 Questions to Ask yourself to find your Purpose

God created you to be...

  1. What makes my heart smile?
  2. Is there something that I do well naturally without any training or direction?
  3. What do I like to do no matter who is around?
  4. Is there something that I do where I lose myself?
  5. Money aside what would I love to do no matter what?
  6. Does FEAR surround one of my favorite passions?
  7. What do friends and family ask me for or to do frequently?
  8. Why do they ask me for this?
  9. Have I tried to start a business or new career path before?
  10. What’s my biggest FEAR?

Now if you’re already well on the path of you passion then these questions may be a walk in the park, but it you haven’t quite taken the leap down the rabbit hole of  questions on what’s my passion, my purpose and why am I here? This may be new territory. That’s ok, kudos to you for jumping in! It’s never too late to look for more. As humans, we always aspire for bigger and better. The real victory is when that search starts from the inside out. If you’re reading this you know real wealth, joy, happiness, and contentment has more to do with the mind, body and soul than $$, shoes, cars, homes, clothes and all the other awesome stuff that is just the cherry on top of a fulfilling life. These questions are designed to help you dig deep into you beautiful soul to find your real role in this world. To unwrap the gifts you have for this world. These gifts are something only you can give. Speed up the process to clarify your purpose with the techniques in Clearing out for Clarity post.

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