How to Handle Negative Nancy?

negative nancy


How do we handle Negative Nancy that lives in all of us?

I know I have a Negative Nancy and sometimes she says things like, “Who do you think you are? You’re not perfect. How can you tell other people to be better when you’re not perfect? You can’t do it! What are people going to think? What are people going to say?”

So here’s how I silence my Negative Nancy and hopefully, some of these will work for you. So first, I straight slap Negative Nancy in her face.

SLAP HER –  I slap positivity in her face. I remind her how powerful I am. I am amazing. You’re amazing! We are beings with so much power and so much talent. We have so many gifts to give the world. You cannot let Negative Nancy keep you from living your full potential. So slap her on the face and say “Yes, I can! #whynot”

DON’T FEED HER –  If you have negative thought or you have a negative moment. It seems like Negative Nancy is winning the battle. Don’t talk to negative people. Don’t watch negative shows. If you just had a breakup, don’t watch a breakup movie, you’re feeding Negative Nancy! Don’t call your bitter girlfriend, you’re feeding Negative Nancy. If your business is having a tough time, don’t call your friend whose business has failed or has never tried to do a business. You are feeding Negative Nancy. Try this instead, call someone that believes in you—someone that will fill you up with positivity and purpose. Maybe you need to pull up a positive video on YouTube to put some fire into your butt and just burn Negative Nancy down.

MAKE HER SWEAT – Working out is the best way to, not only maintain your vanity, but your sanity. So sweat Negative Nancy out. Sometimes, I just get on the floor, and I shake my groove thing, turn on some Beyoncé, and bust a move and then bust Negative Nancy out the window one step at a time.

So let’s recap, the three ways to get rid of Negative Nancy—or at least put her in a box until the next time she pops up like a Jack-in-a-Box, right? So the first one is slap her in the face—slap her in the face with some positivity. The second thing you wanna do is we don’t feed unwelcome guest. So you want to just go ahead and avoid feeding her with any additional negativity. So avoid negative friends, negative things, negative entertainment. And lastly, sweat Negative Nancy out. She’s kind of like a toxic thing so you want to sweat your toxins out. So sweat Negative Nancy out by working out or doing exerciser or what I like to do—turn on Beyoncé, shake her on out. So those are the three ways that I get rid of my Negative Nancy. And I hope that at least one, if not all of these, will work for you. The next time she pops into your shoulder and starts talking away. If she’s doing this, you want her to do this.

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One thought on “How to Handle Negative Nancy?

  • 11/03/2014 at 2:38 AM

    OMG! This weekend I had a problem with my boyfriend. I was getting to a really bad space. I went to workout. Usually, I’d call and argue with him. Going to the gym changed my mood. Sharing this time with my friends now!


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