Talk it out with who…YOURSELF?!


Ever feel like it’s so easy to give advice to your girlfriends and family? But somehow when it comes to yourself you’re stuck cold-calling anyone that will listen!

I’ll raise my hand! In the past if I had a bad day, I would work my way through the contacts in my phone until someone, anyone answered so I could vent. It was like I was a contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? dialing for a lifeline. But over the years, I’ve been able to act as my own coach. Here are the personas I use to work myself out of a funky feeling.

The Watcher – I take a step outside myself. Then, began evaluating my thoughts and actions. With these questions…

Why do I feel this way?

Why am I doing this?

Is this a valid reaction to the circumstance?

Is there something underneath the tip of this iceberg?

What can I do to immediately go from pity party to pure party?

The Enforcer – Get it together Trina! I become my own Lil John and begin asking “Turn Down For What?!” Making sure that I stay on point and committed to my action plan to effect change for myself.

The Accountant – I begin to take a record. Be it just a mindful observation, journaling or daily/weekly reflection. Basically, a built in accountability partner.

“Whatever you want to make better, you better make sure you measure it more often.” – Tony Robbins

We all need support, but it’s nice to be self-reliant too! Nothing is better for boosting your confidence.

Try wearing these hats the next time you find yourself drifting out of balance. It’s a great way to wiggle yourself back to the right rhythm.

How do you keep yourself in check?

We want to know share your approach in the comments below.

Mindful. Meaningful. Motivation.

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